2nd's Class Syllabus/H.W

Syllabus for 2nd class

हिन्दी-वाक्य बनाओ,गिनती (1से50 तक),बीमारी के लिए अवकाश हेत प्रार्थना पत्र।
Eng-grammar-use of a,an,the,was,were,has,have and is, am,are and sentence making and Application for Sick leave.
Maths-Counting 1to 1000, table of 2 to 12,add and subtract ( 2,3 and 4 digit),
Multiply (2 3 digit),
Number Name (1 to 1000),
Numerals-(1to 1000),
After,before ,between (1 to 1000),put the symbol (1to 1000),Ascending and Descending order(1 to 1000).
E.v.s-Topic of Animals, seasons,transports and Directions...
Syllabus Date : 30-03-2020